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We are currently accepting :



Up to date on vaccinations

On flea/tick preventative

Potty trained

Multiple pets 

Crate trained (preferred)

While I want to give you peace of mind knowing your fur baby is happy, I need to ensure the safety of the people & animals around me as well.

For this reason, before we can accept your pet, please sign the:

Where do we walk?

Walks are local & away from busy streets - with your permission we love dog beach & local parks too. We also have an 8,000 square foot fully fenced in backyard for running off leash!

Where do we sleep?

Puppies or accident prone dogs, will be in their crate (night light optional). 

Potty trained dogs are welcome to snuggle with us in bed (or wherever they prefer).

Where do we train?

All training sessions are custom, private, and in your home.

Who is Fenway?

Fenway is our 45lb. spayed mix rescue looking for a friend to play, run, & snuggle with. She is a social butterfly who is submissive & friendly. Fenway is a certified service dog & is specifically trained for people and pets with anxiety

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