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My name is Care; founder + CEO of Fenway's Runway. I am a dog lover, dog trainer, + believer in one-on-one services. This means each pet receives personal attention, encouraging a strong bond. As a lifelong dog (+cat) owner myself, who has worked in Veterinary clinics + developed a sincere love + knowledge from the past decade, I am committed to your satisfaction.

Fenway's Runway was founded after our beautiful rescue named, Fenway. She is our social butterfly, diligently trained service animal+ has helped many dogs overcome fears + learn to socialize. After rescuing Fen + working in vet clinics, my heart broke anytime a dog was injured or worse. I started my company simply to prevent unnecessary injury + death. Four months after I launched in 2014, I quit the clinic + have been working for myself saving dogs ever since.
I believe that our success has everything to do with being an animal lover first, + an experienced professional second. It’s all about the pets, the owners, + what works best for you!  This is why all dog training is private + customized. YES - I come to you to ensure we build a structure + routine that will *actually* work.

Our Navy family home is extremely clean + we adore animals. We love to get exercise in our HUGE backyard + often play in the sprinklers!  If you're looking for a home away from home for your pet to be loved played with all day, look no further!


I believe your pet deserves a positive + loving experience, if you agree, book your meet + greet TODAY!

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