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My name is Care, founder & CEO of Fenway's Runway. I am a dog trainer, dog lover, & believer in one-on-one services. This means each pet receives personal attention, encouraging a strong bond between me & your fur baby.


Fenway's Runway is named after our beautiful pit mix rescue named, Fenway. She is our social butterfly, diligently trained, apple of my eye, photogenic princess, and has helped many dogs overcome fears and learn to socialize.

I believe that our success has everything to do with being an animal lover first, & an experienced professional second. It’s all about the pets, the owners, & what works best for you! This is why all dog training is private and customized. I come to you to ensure we build a structure and routine that will actually work for your family.


Our family is extremely clean and we adore animals. We love to get exercise & make trips to the dog park or beach every week!  If you're looking for a home away from home for your pet to be loved, and played with all day, look no further!

As a life long cat and dog owner myself, who has developed a sincere love for animals of all kinds, I am committed to your satisfaction. I believe your pet deserves a positive and loving walker, sitter, & trainer.  


If you agree, then call Fenway's Runway!

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